Call: (908) 452-5352

Make Your Appointment

Contact Homebrew University to schedule your appointment for brewing. 


Due to availability we may have to shift your desired brew day, however we will make every reasonable effort to schedule your brew day when it is convenient for you.  Our hours of operation are posted on our website.  We can schedule your appointment outside these parameters but our latest start time most days is 6pm EST.


Call us at (908) 452-5352 to schedule your appointment.  Due to possible complications appointment reservations are not accepted via Email.  Once appointments are confirmed we can then use email as an accepted form of communication.


A non-refundable $50 dollar deposit is required to hold your reservation date.  This will be subtracted from the final cost of your package upon commencement of brewing. 


You will receive an email confirmation of your deposit including the date and time you have scheduled to brew at Homebrew University.

If you are interested in learning how to make a five gallon All-Grain Batch please contact the store for details.  Dates and Times are subject to space availability since this process is longer.



**Important Notice**


There is a New Jersey State requirement that all individuals who brew at Brew on Premises facilities have to obtain a Homebrewing License through the Alcohol Beverage Control.  The licenses will be processed at Homebrew University without exception.  The state fee is $15 per license and allows you to brew at Brewing on Premises facilities for one year from the time your license is issued or up to 200 gallons.  Anyone person partaking in brewing on premises must apply for this license.  A check or money order in the amount of $15 made out to the Division of Alcohol Beverage Control MUST accompany you, and whoever plans to partake, on brew day, NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED.  


CONTACT US @ (908) 452-5352 to make arrangements for PRIVATE EVENTS such as TEAM BUILDING EXCERCISES, BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTIES or simply wanting to brew with a BUNCH OF FRIENDS for a night out or for having YOUR OWN craft beer for your celebration (wedding, graduation party, retirement party etc.),  we can host it!  GIVE US A CALL TODAY!