May 19, 2017

Maifest is a traditional celebration of Life and Spring's Emergence.

It is perhaps best known for the Maypole, 

which is decorated to show off the history and crafts of the town.

We are looking forward to a great festival featuring NJHOPZ Homebrew Contest, great food, great beer, live entertainment, dancing, games and activities and even a traditional Maypole!

More Information to Follow!

NJ HOPZ Maifest Homebrew Competition

Registration opens April 1, 2017.

Visit the NJ HOPZ Website for more information,

Or go directly to the 2018 DAS BOOT page to register.

Get Your Maifest On!

Rock Mi by VoXX Club

(We can't get enough of this video 'round here!)

An English Translation . . .


When the Maypole's back in the village square, and its all about the girls,

When they show off their sexy Dirndl dresses, and we lads rub our eyes,


Lets go, its that time again,

Lets go, today there won't be any regrets!


Come on, show me a little bit more,

I want to know a little bit more,

Rock me, tonight!



Read the rest at Oktoberfest!