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If You Can Ferment It, You Can Make It Here!

Whether you are looking to learn a new hobby, want a unique night out with your loved ones, or something fun to do with a group of friends Homebrew University is the place to go! 

If you want to celebrate a special event like a wedding or graduation and provide your guests with your very own beer or if you want to find a different Team Building exercise for work give us a call.

Choose Your Beverage

Everything you make here is customized to your personal taste!

Custom Designed Beer

At Homebrew University, we pride ourselves on designing the perfect recipe for you.  Browse our Recipe Selection to get started, or just tell us what you like to drink.  We will work with you to design your own unique Great Beer!


5 Gallon Batch makes approximately 26 22-ounce bottles, or 40 pints of beer

10 Gallon Batch makes approximately 52 22-ounce bottles, or 80 pints of beer

Artisanal Wine

We start with the freshest authentic juice available. From there we design your own perfect wine by adding flavors such as spices, fruit or woodchips, as your palette dictates.  




6 Gallon Batch makes approximately

30 750-mL bottles

Fresh Pressed Cider

Using our very own press, you fresh press apples to produce your own cider. Then based on your preferences, we create a cider that is either still or sparkling, dry or sweet, spiced or not and anything in between!




5 Gallon Batch makes approximately 26 22-ounce bottles, or 40 pints of cider


Freshman Orientation

All Inclusive Package


Everyone has to start (or restart) somewhere!  For someone who is new to the hobby or that has few batches on your resume, this package is suited for you.  Gain the knowledge and help from an H.U. Professor during your session. Make a reservation for this class & be eligible for a 10% discount on an H.U. Starter Equipment Kit to continue your new hobby at home. 
(Offer valid only on scheduled brewing session)

$175 (5 Gallon)

$250 (10 Gallon)

The Undergraduate

You provide your own Clean Bottles


This package has the same ammenities as the Freshmen package minus the bottles, labels, and Kit discount.  Since you have been brewing for a while and have amassed your credits (bottles) this package offers you to bring your own bottles at packaging time at your own risk.  In need of advice, no worries, an H.U  Professor will also be available for assistance.

$160 (5 Gallon)

$235 (10 Gallon)

The Graduate

No bottles! 

Just bring your own keg!


You have made it! Congrats! Utilize our facility to make your beer and ferment here at H.U.  Or if you feel more comfortable using your own fermenting chamber?  Feel free to take home your beer in your own fermenters.  Don't have any freed up fermenters, no worries we have plenty in stock for purchase.When your product is ready come fill up your Cornelious Keg(s).

$145 (5 Gallon)

$220 (10 Gallon)

Extra Credit


Add More Sugars & Boost the Alcohol                                                               $4/lb Extra


Add More Hops for More Intense Bittering/Flavor/Aroma                            $.75/ 1/4 ounce or $3.00 per ounce Extra


Substitute White Labs Liquid Yeast for 5 Gallon Batch                                     $7 Extra


Substitute White Labs Liquid Yeast for 10 Gallon Batch                                   $14 Extra


Dry Hop and Spend an Extra Week In the Fermenter                                      $15 Extra plus Hops


Call to make an appointment to learn to make your own All-Grain Batches on-site here at HU!

All Packages Include


  • Custom Designed Recipes and an Extensive List of Recipes to Get You Started
  • Seasonal Recipes Available (limited times)
  • Fermenting On-Site
  • Bottling Session
  • Catering from Local Restaurants Available  

 The best part is that you leave all the mess for us to clean up!

All levels of brewing experience are welcome. Brewing by appointment only. 
Call 908-452-5352 to schedule your session TODAY!


Host Your Next Party at our Unique Venue!

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 Please contact Homebrew University @ 908-452-5352 to make arrangements for private events such as Team Building Exercises, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties,

or simply wanting to brew with a bunch of your friends.  We can host your private session!  Inquire within…


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