HU Beer School

Style Seminars

Drink It In.

Join Us as we explore the flavor profile and backstory of great beers, one style at a time.

Special $2 Beer School

Saturday, August 17th

Runs from 12 pm to 6 pm

Come to Hackettstown for $2 Tastings and stop by HU for our Special $2 Beer Class!

Our class pairs well with all the local restaurants! 

Feel free to enjoy your tidbits as you learn about beer

in our cozy, air conditioned environment.

Featuring American Brown Ale, a beer style that is excellent with food!

Homebrew University

Beer School

Style Seminars



What makes Beer?


And what's the difference between an ale and lager?

What is malt?

Explore the unique flavor characteristics

and facinating history of beer and brewing.