Pour and Enjoy: Wheat Beer

If you are going to drink a wheat beer - and I really think you should - it is best enjoyed out of a weizen glass.  

This curvy glass looks like a pilsner glass, but taller and sexier.  It’s big, but don’t think that’s in case you’re extra thirsty. All that glass isn’t so much for beer, but for foam. 

You see, the bell shaped opening encourages the fluffy head of the wheat beer, and that helps release the bubblegum, banana and clove aromas right to your nose.  Taste is largely scent, and that is why you want a good bunch of foam at the top of your glass.  Beer just tastes better that way.

It turns out we taste with our eyes too.  That's another aspect of the weizen glass.  All that lanky tallness really shows off the milky haze and beautiful color of the weissbier. 

But wait!  Don't pour just yet!

Because if the glass matters so much in beer enjoyment, you know how you pour the beer is crucial, too.

Start by holding the glass sideways, pouring slowly, then tilt the glass and pour in the rest.  I mean all of it.  Even that really murky yeasty bit in the bottom of your bottle.  It is a wheat beer, you gotta let it shine.

Here is a helpful slideshow from snapguide to show you how. Check it out right here!