Make Your Own Beer, Wine and Cider with Homebrew University

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This Holiday Season,

Give the Power of Magic.

Gift a Session and they will Make Their Own!

Find out more about our BeerCider and Wine Making Sessions.

Fun, Educational and Creative - Unique Gifts that give them a Great Experience!

Make a Day of it!

We encourage all of our customers to bring any food and drinks you would like to enjoy during your session. 

Hang out in our comfy space, eat, drink and be merry all while you Make Your Favorite Thing!

Also while you're here, visit our local breweries, distinctive restaurants and unique shops. 

Uncover the many layers of Hackettstown!

Introducing the AnyBrew System

The AnyBrew Starter Kit
The AnyBrew Starter Kit

Anyone can brew

Any beer



Start them off on a great new hobby this Holiday Season!


The AnyBrew System lets anyone start brewing their own amazing beer without a big investment in time, money or space.

We developed The AnyBrew System to make it possible for anyone to brew anywhere

Brewing is a rewarding hobby, and we love it so much we want to bring it to everyone!  


Starter kit contains everything needed to brew and bottle 1 Gallon of the freshest craft beer - All you need is a pot! 

Choose from a Porter, Amber Ale or Pale Ale.

Beer School

Learn About Classic Beer Styles


Learn all about classic styles with us!

Style Seminars are fun informal classes held monthly at Homebrew U.



The style guidelines of a beer

 What you taste and why

Brewing methods used

Cool historical or cultural facts relating to the beer

All in our Comfy Lounge!


Party Planning?

Make Your Own in our Perfect Party Space!

Join Us For More Great Beer Talk!

The Coolship Podcast

For Beer Lovers, Homebrewers,

and Professionals Alike!



Homebrew University's Warren Wilson teams up with Czigmeister Brewing Company's Matt Czigler to explore the art, taste, and pulse of Craft Beer.  Sit back with your favorite beverage and listen to the Coolship Podcast. 

Friday Night Bottle Share and Brew

Every Friday beginning at 7 pm

Open to All